PIXIE Ambience Touch Panel

The PIXIE Ambience Touch Panel provides the PIXIE smart home a native, centralised, wall mounted hub to control every PIXIE device in the home.

Featuring a 5.5inch full colour touch screen and 4 x PIXIE Multifunction Control buttons on-board for quick access to common devices, groups and scenes.

Powered by either POE or low voltage transformer (SAL PLUTO15DV), working with the PIXIE Plus App and PIXIE G3 Gateway.

Requires a PIXIE Gateway ( GEn1 or Gen3) and PIXIE PLUS App for operation.

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  • Must be used with PIXIE Gateway.

Setup features

  • Simple installation with choice between POE power or simple DC power supply.
  • Easy to mount using provided template and sturdy wall mounting bracket, directly into standard Australian mounting hardware and single plate penetrations.
  • Proximity sensor to illuminate screen on approach for rapid access
  • Light level sensor automatically dims touchscreen based on ambient light for superb visual comfort
  • Screen saver, time & weather function to save screen add utility and / or black out completely according to customer configuration
  • Requires the PIXIE Gateway (SGW3/BTAS*) and free PIXIE PLUS App to operate
  • PIXIE Smart DALI Broadcast Controller PC155DLB-R-BTAM

  • PIXIE Smart 0|1-10V Controller – PC152V-R-BTAM

  • PIXIE Signal Booster G3 – SGB3BTAS

  • PIXIE Gate & Door Control – PC206GD-R-BTAM