Proof of Purchase

Proof of Purchase

This page details the requirements for Proof of Purchase which is used as evidence of the purchase of the eligible Pixie products to which Pixie Points can be claimed as part of the Pixie Partners rewards program as operated by SAL National Pty Ltd  ABN: 21 633 189 474.

Valid Documents

To accrue Pixie Points as part of the Pixie Partners program it is necessary for the participants to submit documents as evidence of the purchase of eligible Pixie Products prior to being awarded Pixie Points.

If no such original, undoctored documents are provided, or SAL National Pty Ltd determines that the documents are not valid,  then SAL National Pty Ltd reserves the right to decline claims for Pixie Points.

What documents are accepted as Proof of Purchase to successfully claim Pixie Points?

Any original tax invoice from a supplier to which SAL National Pty Ltd sells the eligible Pixie Products directly.

The submitted claim documents must have the following information clearly legible:

  • The seller's name and ABN
  • The buyer's information which corresponds to the Pixie Partners account's information and which was legally purchased by the participant.
  • Date of sale and dated on or after 01/01/2020 - January 1st 2020.
  • Part numbers and quantities of each product for which a claim is being made.
  • Undoctored, and unaltered digitally or manually before digitisation except to obfuscate or redact information that is not relevant to claiming Pixie Points such as pricing, other items on the tax invoice, any other information not relevant to the claim.
  • Submitted within 12 months of the listed date of sale to be eligible.

What format can these documents be provided in?

These documents can be provided in the following formats so long as they are an accurate facsimile of the original tax invoice:

  • PDF Tax invoice
  • Tax invoice photograph in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, with EXIF data intact
  • Original email notification from an online store which acts as a TAX invoice
  • Scan of a Tax invoice
  • Must be less than five (5)mb (megabytes) in size

Hard copy documents are not accepted.


What products are eligible for accruing Pixie Points?

All products listed on this page are eligible to claim points. The amount of points available to claim for each product are available to Pixie Partners, once they join the program by registering their interest to participate, online, and having their account approved.


What time frame is Proof of Purchase documents valid?

The Pixie Partners program commenced on the 1st January 2020 (01/01/2020). Any documents submitted that are dated after this date are elibible to be submitted and verified.

Any documents dated prior to this are not valid for claim submissions and will be rejected and no correspondence entered into.


What happens to the documents once the claim has been processed and approved or declined?

Once the Pixie Points claim has been processed, the original documents provided as part of the claim will be destroyed and deleted from all equipment under the control of SAL National Pty Ltd., within 90 days from the submission date.


Other Terms and Conditions

Any and all decisions as to the veracity of the documents submitted as part of a Pixie Points claim are held with SAL National Pty Ltd and all decisions are final.

Pixie Points are not transferrable for cash or any other goods or services outside of eligible Pixie Products and only whilst the Pixie Partner and Pixie Points programs are in operation.

SAL National reserves the right to update, modify and edit the points available for each product at any time without notice.

SAL National reserves the right to update, modify and edit the eligible products at any time and will honour purchases for eligible products within 12 months form the tax invoice date submitted with a claim if all other conditions are met.

Only 1 claim can be made per tax invoice.

Also read the terms and conditions page here.