PIXIE Points


Pixie Points - Pixie Partners Reward Program - SAL Pixie

You've got to be a PIXIE Partner to qualify for the Pixie Points rewards. Joining is free.

Pixie Points - SAL Pixie Rewards Program - Pixie Partners

How it works

Your Next Steps

When you choose to join the PIXIE Partners program and purchase any PIXIE enabled products, you start accruing PIXIE Points.

Points are accrued for quantity of products purchased and not related to the price paid, that's your business not ours!

These PIXIE Points are used to claim free PIXIE products, delivered directly to your preferred delivery address anywhere in Australia. A way to put real cash back in your pocket for choosing to continue selecting PIXIE and PIXIE Plus as your smart home system.

  1. Signup as a PIXIE Partner on this website.
  2. Get Certified with our Free Online Certified Installers Course
  3. Check availability of face to face training and book yourself in for a free course or do the Online course.
  4. Join the Private Facebook Technical Support Group
  5. Buy some PIXIE products from your electrical wholesaler
  6. Log onto the PIXIE Partners website, make your claim and upload your proof of purchase. All claims are verified as unique purchases prior to award of Pixie Points.

Once you have accumulated sufficient points you can start claiming your free PIXIE products and have them shipped to you directly.

PIXIE Partner Benefits

It's more than just points. As a PIXIE Partner, a community of innovative electricians delivering smart home technology across Australia, you get direct access to the SAL R&D team for support, preview nights of new products and releases, and annual Best PIXIE Smart Home award and more.


The SAL PIXIE Facebook technical Group is manned by dedicated SAL National staff, the very same people that have created the hardware and software. So no matter the time of day or night you can get your Pixie questions answered fast.


As a PIXIE Partner, you can submit your best PIXIE smart homes into the annual. With again prize and state winners, these accolades will be promoted via the larger SAL Pixie and SAL National online digital properties. As a winner, you receive a digital stamp for your marketing and a plaque as proof of your outstanding performance.


Each year in each state PIXIE Partners will be eligible to receive exclusive invitations to business improvement events, wine tastings, whiskey tastings and entertainment experiences.

SAL Pixie Partners - Pixie Smart Home - Rewards program


Since PIXIE launched in 2017 we have delivered new products consistently with more to come in 2020 and beyond.

Exclusive Events

Exclusive events just for PIXIE Partners which include entertainment and education resources just for being a part of the community. The 1st PIXIE Partners to respond to the invitations for these limited number events when they're announced will reap these rewards.

Use SAL PIXIE everywhere

Rewards are the same

Whilst SAL PIXIE and PIXIE Plus are an ideal solution for a simple, smart home, PIXIE Partners can of course use any of the SAL PIXIE enabled products on any type of project and claim their rewards.

PIXIE works great in bars and restaurants, community centres and school halls and even coffee shops.

Wherever you use PIXIE your claims are the same.