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Part #: PC206BS-R-BTAM


Dual 6A Relays


Bluetooth Mesh Booster


Bell Press Inputs


Interlock Switch


24 hour 7 Day Schedules


3-Wire & 4-Wire Motors


Garage Doors & Gates


Dry Contact Ouputs

PIXIE works with voice control when PIXIE Gateway added to system

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Blind and Signal Controller Documents


3-Wire Blind Motor Control

3-wire blind and curtain control is the ideal way to integrate with PIXIE. Typically a 3rd party 'control-box' from the motor manufacturer is also provided.

The PIXIE BSC then provides dry contact inputs with pulses and latching as required by that control box to provide full operation.

Using PIXIE to control motorised blinds and curtains can sometimes mean the need to install a whole lot of extra buttons on the wall for Up / Stop / Down functionality for every motor (If more than PIXIE App control of these is desired.)

Whilst PIXIE App control can always be used for these functions, when on wall control is needed, instead of adding extra buttons, installing a PIXIE Rotary Controller is more cost effective and super intuitive method to control blinds.

Simple Control from a single device (instead of 2 or 3)


  • Rotate counter-clockwise to close
  • Rotate clockwise to open
  • Single Tap to stop

4-Wire Blind Motors Control

Made for 4-wire motor control for blinds, curtains and awnings with built-in Interlock switch to prevent damage to motors

Ideal for:

  • Directly controlling the motors
  • Full upen / Full Close
  • Set favourite partially open positions

Dry Contact Interfacing

Integrate to any 3rd party system, motor or device that accepts dry-contact input signals.

Audio Visual equipment, projector screens, some A/C systems and other equipment that can be activated from dry contact inputs can now be used with PIXIE to provide an more integrated smart home.


Garage Door & Auto Gates

Suitable for all garage door motors with a key-switch input and/or OSC ( open Stop Close ) input on the control board.

Most garage door motors for the last few decades have had this feature.

"Hey SIRI I'm home..." can now open the garage door and light a pathway to the kitchen from the garage automatically.

other pixie integration devices

PIXIE Dual Relay Controller

The PIXIE Dual Relay controller introduces larger load switching to PIXIE with no minimum load requirements and with 2 independently controllable relays provides some interesting integration opportunities too.

PIXIE Translator Controllers

Integrate with 3rd party system by receiving dry contact inputs and translating these messages into PIXIE scenes, groups and device control for bi-directional control.