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The SAL Pixie Multifunction Switch is part of the Pixie and Pixie Plus ecosystem of smart home products made for Australian homes, with Bluetooth mesh built-in and controllable from the free Pixie Apps.

1 minute to 24-hour timing provided when used with other SAL Pixie devices like the SAL Pixie smart dimmer and switch. Use when simple time control is required in a home, but the homeowners do not want to use the Pixie Apps to setup.

Can be programmed manually or via the Pixie Apps.

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  • Manual pairing and timer setup and...
  • Works with SAL Pixie and PIXIE PLUS free Apps for iOS and Android
  • Ideal for retrofitting into existing wall plates
  • Bluetooth wireless control enabled.
  • No WiFi needed for in-home control

Setup features

  • Ideal for smart homes which require fine timing control.
  • Push-button pairing with other Pixie devices - no App needed.
Donwload SAL Pixie Timer Instruction Manual
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