PIXIE Smart DALI Broadcast Controller PC155DLB-R-BTAM

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The PIXIE DALI Broadcast controller is a DALI2 certified device for dimming all types of DALI and DALI2 dimmable drivers, introducing a simpler more cost effective way to deliver simple DALI solutions into the PIXIE smart system.

Its now possible to deliver a DALI ‘system’ with none of the cost, complexity or time drain of traditional DALI systems whilst maintaining access to the massive range of DALI enabled fixtures for all the different types of applications across commercial, hospitality, residential, healthcare, retail etc.

Broadcast DALI: This is an easy way to control DALI lighting for multiple lights. It allows for controlling a range of drivers on a single DALI line without any complicated DALI programming needed during installation and maintenance, saving time, money and reducing system complexity.

  • Official DALI2 Certified device
  • Full PIXIE Master Device G3 functionality - dimming, schedules, groups, scenes
  • Broadcast controls to  "Switchwire-Group" simplifying wiring and removing DALI programming burden
  • Built in 50mA DALI power supply - no additional DALI Power supply needed
  • Built in 5Amp relay with no minimum load requirement
  • Memory Switch - Return to previous level after power outage - Ideal for commercial applications
  • Built in PIXIE Mesh Booster circuit
  • Built in BP input for connection of momentary press mechs and 3rd party systems to control the DALI2 controller