PIXIE Smart 0|1-10V Controller – PC152V-R-BTAM

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The PIXIE Smart 0/1-10V Controller – PC152V-R-BTAM is suitable for dimming all types of 0-10v and 1-10v dimmable drivers, with a built in relay for switching loads that do not dim to zero light output.

This PIXIE Master device has all of the features expected for PIXIE dimmers.

  • Full PIXIE Master Device G3 functionality - dimming, schedules, groups, scenes
  • Broadcast controls to  "Switchwire-Group"
  • Built in 20mA source for compatible drivers
  • Built in 5Amp relay with no minimum load requirement
  • Memory Switch - Return to previous level after power outage - Ideal for commercial applications
  • Built in PIXIE Mesh Booster circuit
  • Built in BP input for connection of momentary press mechs and 3rd party systems to control