The SAL PIXIE 600 smart switch SWL600BTAM-BP is a bluetooth enabled device suitable for switching up to 600Watts loads as part of the SAL PIXIE smarthome ecosystem.

The new G3 small form factor means building  multi gang switch plates with PIXIE is easier than ever before. The BP ( Bell Press ) functionality present an additional 2 cables for connection to momentary press functionality or to use the device like you would a puck in the wall cavity.

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The SAL PIXIE 600W smart Switch has the complete SAL PIXIE features set and is controllable via Bluetooth from the SAL PIXIE and PIXIE PLUS Apps. This is ideal for larger loads and building multigang switch plates where applications require more than 3 master mechs. on board.


  • Backwards compatible with all G1 and G2 products
  • Tails not terminals, making it easier to fit into tighter spaces
  • New form factor makes building multi-gang plates easier than ever with SAL PIXIE
  • New G3 (Gen 3) switch tech for further improved performance
  • 600W increased switching load in a smaller form factor!
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