SAL PIXIE Blind and Signal Controller PC206BS-R-BTAM

SAL PIXIE Blind and Signal Controller PC206BS-R-BTAM provide control of 3 wire and 4 wire motors for roller blinds, curtains and a range of indoor and outdoor motorised shading appliances

The PIXIE Blind and Signal Controller is part of the Pixie and Pixie Plus ecosystem of smart home products made for Australian homes, with Bluetooth mesh built-in and controllable from the free Pixie Apps.

This can also be used to control automatic Garage Doors, Interface to Security systems and provide integration to a wide range of 3rd party systems for complete home automation

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  • 2 Independently controllable 6A , normally open relays
  • Full scheduling, grouping, scene control capabilities
  • Pulse, Double Pulse, Timed Close and Open close capabilities available
  • Build COMBOS for complex control scenarios - DO this | DELAY for n seconds | DO this ... etc.

Setup features

  • INTERLOCK feature to prevent damage to motors by inhibiting relays when activated
  • Bluetooth Mesh Booster included in device
  • Push Button terminals allow standard bell press-mechs to drive attached blinds directly
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