How to Fix LED Lights Flickering In Australia with SFI from SAL

Written By Simon J Richardson

On August 24, 2021
Simon has been involved in smart homes for over 20 years in Australia, China, Singapore, Korea, Japan and Hong Kong and currently works with SAL National and SAL Commercial to develop, adapt and adopt new IoT solutions for the Australian Commercial and Residential markets.

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LED downlights are a modern upgrade to homes and when combined with a smart home system like PIXIE, really enhance your lifestyle and home.

That is until they start to flicker.

SFI* from SAL National fixes this flickering issue.

*SAL Flicker Immunity

SFI or SAL Flicker Immunity fixes this flicker issue once and for all.

There are 3 simple steps to deploy this new SFI solution from SAL National to eliminate LED downlight flickering once and for all.

  1. Replace the current downlights with a choice of SAL compatible downlights depending on your application.
  2. Replace the dimmer with a SAL SFI Dimmer SDD400SFI
  3. Re-energise and let the system self calibrate.

The good news is that SFI dimmer is a standard 2-wire, push button phase dimmer that fits in to a huge range of Australian wall plates making this simple swap out easy for electricians.

It only operates with selected down lights from SAL as per the list below and this specific dimmer.

Why do my LED downlights flicker?

Fixing flickering LED downlights starts with understanding why they are flickering, and if you live in NSW or South East Queensland SFI is likely to be the easiest way to fix.

Flickering LED downlights in NSW or SE Queensland, that always occurs at the same time of day or night, every day, are related to off-peak hot water systems and a tone which is injected into the electricity supply by operators.

This tone signals hot water systems to switch over to off peak and start heating the tanks. Even if you don’t have an electrical hot water system, your home receives this signal and that is what is causing the flickering.

There are other reasons besides these injected tones for flickering LED downlights, but these are beyond the scope of this article - see the end of this article for more information about that.

Download Complete SFI Ripple Stop Downlight Brochure

Why do I have to swap everything?

SFI is a system of components which operate together to eliminate LED downlight flickering once and for all.

It’s this controlled environment which provides this guarantee of no flicker.

To look at that another way, it’s the uncontrolled environment of downlights and dimmers from one or more manufacturers that makes solving this problem challenging.

Therefore, creating a system which is designed to operate as one, with the purpose of eliminating LED downlight flickering is the sure-fire way to solve flickering.

An extra benefit of this SFI upgrade is super smooth, super low dimming capabilities and no flickering at any levels at any time of day or night.

2 way and 3 way Control with no Flicker

As the SDD400SFI dimmer works with PIXIE, this means that 2 way / multiway control is easily achieved using either the PIXIE S2WBTAS ( Multiway switch ) or the PIXIe Multifunction controller (SMFBTAS).

Once installed all other PIXIE features operate as normal.

If you live in other parts of Australia read this article which has more details on how to fix other issues related to flickering LED downlights.

〉Read article for more flicker info

What do you buy and where do you buy it?

The SFI products are available from September 2021 in all electrical wholesalers in across Australia.

You need to buy:

  1. The Dimmer - SDD400SFI - 1 for each dimmable circuit.
  2. Select which downlight type you need - and then buy the quantity of down lights needed for the flickering circuit.


All down lights on the circuit must be replaced.


Choose from these 2 down lights:


  • – TRI COLOUR 10W / 850/1000/900 Lumen LED Down light with remote driver
  • – Easy selectable colour temperature with an inbuilt DIP switch, 3000K/4200K/5700K
  • – 92mm cutout with Durable die-cast aluminium body profile

〉 ECOGEM S9041TC SFI - 10W


  • – 9w 700Lumen LED downlight
  • – Changeable multi-reflector system, standard beam distribution 60 degree, optional 25 and 40 degree
  • – ACCESSORIES – S9053HC/P Honey comb, S9053DF/P Centre frost diffuser, S9053BF/P Buffer


Download Technical Detail Document
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