SAL PIXIE signal booster SGBBT

The SAL Pixie signal booster SGBBT is part of the Pixie and Pixie Plus ecosystem of smart home products made for Australian homes, and designed to boost the Pixie Bluetooth mesh signal in larger installations.

Plugs into any 5v USB port and boost the Bluetooth signal for SAL Pixie smarthome devices in larger homes and environments which are challenging for wireless control systems.

The signal booster can be plugged into USB ports on Smart TV’s, modems & routers, gaming consoles and USB enabled power points.

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  • Works with SAL Pixie and PIXIE PLUS free Apps for iOS and Android

Setup features

  • Ideal for larger smart homes and multi-level homes.
  • Push-button pairing with other Pixie devices - no App needed.
Donwload SAL Pixie USB Signal booster instruction manual