PIXIE Signal Booster G3 – SGB3BTAS

PIXIE Signal Booster G3 is the 3rd generation Bluetooth Mesh signal booster, designed to expand the signal coverage of an established PIXIE network, expanding the control distances and enhancing PIXIE local wireless communication stability where signal strength is less than ideal due to building materials, architecture and product placement.

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  • Significantly expands signal coverage, enhancing PIXIE wireless control stability
  • Sleek design, suitable for mounting in different locations.
  • In-built single button for easy, simplified setup
  • In-built single LED indicator for easy operational status indication
  • PIXIE Smart DALI Broadcast Controller PC155DLB-R-BTAM

  • PIXIE Smart 0|1-10V Controller – PC152V-R-BTAM

  • PIXIE Signal Booster G3 – SGB3BTAS

  • PIXIE Gate & Door Control – PC206GD-R-BTAM