PIXIE Multifunction Remote Button – SMC3BTAS

The PIXIE Multifunction Remote Control Button is the 3rd generation multifunction remote control button, that is portable and powered by coin battery. Without the need of running wires, this product brings huge flexibility for the application.

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  • Designed to pair with a PIXIE master device to achieve multi-way control and can be programmed to control a group, or up to 2 scenes
  • Battery powered, can be installed anywhere in the house without worrying about wiring availability
  • Battery powered convenience, so it can be installed anywhere within the installation without the need for internal wiring availability
  • PIXIE Smart DALI Broadcast Controller PC155DLB-R-BTAM

  • PIXIE Smart 0|1-10V Controller – PC152V-R-BTAM

  • PIXIE Signal Booster G3 – SGB3BTAS

  • PIXIE Gate & Door Control – PC206GD-R-BTAM