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PIXIE Partners - Rewards for Electricians and Integrators


When you use the PIXIE apps to deliver smart home solutions to your customers, your PIXIE Apps work. We develop, support and improve the PIXIE Apps internally (along with all hardware and software), not via a third party. Because we're in control of PIXIE Apps, so are you.

simple home automation

Smart, Simple Business

We've created the PIXIE Partners rewards program to deliver tangible value to your business through margin and marketing. 

Joining PIXIE Partners is the best smart home decision you can make for you business bottom-line. In fact every time you choose to use a different mid-market smart home solution you're leaving money on the table!

PIXIE Smart home rewards for electricians
PIXIE works with other smart home systems simply


Its a big word which means keeping your smart home system simple to use without being an I.T expert and uncomplicated for you to get working reliably. Our approach is to make complimentary and adjacent in-home systems from other equipment vendors just work with PIXIE, simply.

So What?

get more done in less time

The one-two combination of the PIXIE Apps and 'done-for-you' smart home integration approach means you get it done faster, easier and with less hassle. No computers needed.

Seamless Support For your Business

Smart Homes Made Simple

Free Smart Home Design Service

Send us your plans, we'll deliver you a smart home system guaranteed to work once installed as designed.

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Wiring Diagrams for Everything

Not sure how to make "systemX" work with PIXIE? No worries we do. ⇒ Review Now

Australia's Best Smart Home Knowledge-base

Hundreds of real world answers to real questions asked by people just like you. ⇒ Review Now

Buy One Get One Free Offers

Special offers exclusively for Electricians and System integrators add real margin back to your business.

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Video Support Library

Step by step, how-to, new products - we've got you covered with a video support library. ⇒ Review Now

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Our PIXIE Certified Installers Course is free, online and takes 2 hours - Once completed we give you a PIXIE dimmer, switch and multifunction, for free. ⇒ Learn More

About Us

Get To Know More About PIXIE

PIXIE is made and sold by SAL, an Australian company delivering innovative lighting products to Australian electrical wholesalers for over 25 years. We own everything about PIXIE. We make the hardware, we make the software, we host our own cloud in Australia for PIXIE PLUS online services. When you call to ask about PIXIE you talk to the people that make it.

PIXIE launched 7 years ago, and we've supported you since.

Most of the time just 5 products are needed for a smart home.

Control everything that dims, switches and spins.


What are PIXIE Points?
Each time you buy PIXIE products from your favourite wholesalers, simply login to your PIXIE Partners account and make a POINTS claim. Once your claim is verified we credit your account with PIXIE Points. Each product has both a REWARD value (how many points are needed to claim free PIXIE products) and a CLAIM value ( how many points you receive when you make a claim)
How Do I use PIXIE Points?
Once you have accumulated enough PIXIE Points you can SHOP online in the PIXIE Partners reward store. Each product lists how many PIXIE Points are needed to claim it free. Add it to your cart as you would with any online store and instead of paying with cash you pay with PIXIE Points.
What is the Buy One Get One Free Deal?

Buy one get one free refers to 2 specific PIXIE Products - the PIXIE Gen3 Gateway ( SGW3/BTAM) and the PIXIE Smart Power point (SPO23BTAM). Once you have provided proof of purchase you receive your PIXIE Points ... AND you also get 1 free for each one you have purchased sent to you. Simple. Read more about it.

How Are the Free Products Sent to Me?
We ship them free, directly to your nominated address.
Is There Any Limit on How Much Free Product I Can Claim?

Nope. As long as you have proof of purchase and we can verify the authenticity of the invoices, the more you buy the more you get for free and PIXIE Points.