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Rewarding electricians and systems integrators for choosing the PIXIE SMART HOME SOLUTION in their projects.

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What is pixie partners

PIXIE Partners is a rewards program operated directly by SAL, the creator of the SAL PIXIE and PIXIE PLUS range of smart home products. It's a way to give back to the community of electricians and systems integrators for their loyalty and to ensure we keep delivering the right solutions for customers.

As SAL is an Australian owned and operated business, PIXIE Partners is a national program exclusively for Electricians and smart home Systems Integrators.

Free to Join

Free to join and start accruing PIXIE Points to claim your rewards. Just buy PIXIE products and register your purchase online right here, with your proof of purchase.

Rewards & Benefits

Rewarding PIXIE Partners for their loyalty when purchasing PIXIE products is just part of the program. We're building a community and giving back to those that support Pixie.

Simple to Claim Rewards

Simple is best. Jump online into your PIXIE Points account, log your purchase and upload your proof of purchase. SAL Reconciles and  your PIXIE Points are awarded. When you're ready to claim, login and your reward claims are sent directly to you.

Instant Support

The PIXIE Partner Technical Support Facebook group is the place to get instant support, whether that's directly from one of the full-time SAL personnel manning it, or from your PIXIE Partner community.

Influence What's Next

Exclusive Invitation preview nights just for PIXIE Partners where you get to see what's next and help steer the product roadmap for what you need for your projects next.

You're in Control

PIXIE Partners is a community where you get to share what matters most to you and get rewarded for your continued support of the PIXIE range of products.

pixie points
buy pixie. get rewarded.

PIXIE Points is an exclusive rewards program only available to our PIXIE Partners. Accrue Pixie Points every time you buy any SAL PIXIE or PIXIE PLUS enabled product and claim your points for real products.

PIXIE Products count to accrue points