PIXIE RGB LED Strip Dimmer -Pro RGB LED Strip Controller LT8915RGB/BT

The PIXIE RGB LED Strip Dimmer LT8915RGBBT is the optimal way to dim and colour control RGB LED strip from almost every manufacture. Eliminates flickering, pop-off, dead band dimming and poor performance associated with dimming LED strip with phase dimming drivers and transformers.

This SAL Pixie master product is designed for RGB colour brightness control and smooth 0 – 100% dimming of RGB LED strips.

the Input voltage range is 12-24V DC and each controller provides three output channels with a maximum current of 6A for each channel, 432W maximum power output at 24V.

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  • Access all Pixie features on higher load RGB LED strips
  • Connect your LED strip of choice and your DC power supply to match
  • Full scheduling, grouping, scene control capabilities
  • 2 x DRY CONTACT input terminals for connection of any momentary press mechanisms for dimming and colour control

Setup features

  • Onboard memory dipswitch to enable an optional return-to-settings after a power outage
  • Push-button pairing with other Pixie devices - no App needed.
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