SAL PIXIE Multiway Switch Gen3 S2WBTAS

The SAL Pixie Multiway Switch Gen 3 is part of the Pixie and Pixie Plus ecosystem of smart home products made for Australian homes, with Bluetooth mesh built in and controllable from the free Pixie Apps.

For use with the a SAL Pixie master smart dimmer or switch, this device provides 2 way and 3 way switching using existing straps from conventional 2/3 way wiring in retrofit scenarios or for new installations, by wiring in parallel. See instruction manual.

Switch and dimming control is achieved only in conjunction with PIXIE smart switch (SWL350BT, SWL600BTAM,SWL600BTAM-BP) or PIXIE smart dimmer (SDD350BT). All devices must be paired once installed, for functionality.

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  • Gen3 Version provides unified switchcaps to enable use in PIXIE Ambience wall plates
  • Works with SAL Pixie and PIXIE PLUS free Apps for iOS and Android
  • Ideal for retrofitting into existing wall plates
  • 2 wire switch, 350watt load
  • Bluetooth wireless control enabled.
  • No WiFi needed for in-home control

Setup features

  • Ideal for smart homes which require dimming and/or switching control of connected loads from multiple locations
  • Push-button pairing with other Pixie devices - no App needed.
Donwload SAL Pixie Dimmer Instruction Manual
Donwload SAL Pixie Dimmer Instruction Manual
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  • PIXIE Smart 0|1-10V Controller – PC152V-R-BTAM

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