SAL PIXIE Multifunction Rotary Controller Gen3 – SMFRBTAS

The SAL PIXIE Multifunction Rotary Controller Gen3 is a Multifunction secondary device which when paired with PIXIE devices, groups or scenes, delivers a new interactive experience of the PIXIE smart home system with an intuitive interface.

Ideal when fine dimming of individual or grouped devices is needed. Perfect for 6 function scene control from a single device.

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Ideal for specifications, end users and builders.

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Using the PIXIE Multifunction Rotary Controller for dimming delivers a finer tune-ability for dimming devices and groups of dimmable devices like down lights and LED strip.

The PIXIE Rotary also delivers up to 6 scenes from a single device and location, eliminating the need for multi-gang plates with unique control-ability in a single device.

  • Rotary dial for intuitive interactions
  • Intuitive LED feedback through dial for interactive user experience
  • Requires Active + Neutral connection from anywhere to operate
  • Requires at least 1 PIXIE Master device to provide function
  • Fits into most Australian wall plates, max. 6 gang installation
  • Can pair and control every PIXIE master device, control up to 2 scenes in PIXIE app; control up to 6 scenes in PIXIE PLUS app; pair and control groups
  • Generation 3 product compatible with Gen 1 and Gen 2 products
Donwload SAL Pixie Dimmer Instruction Manual
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