PIXIE Smart PIR Sensor Indoor Ceiling Mount

The PIXIE Smart PIR Sensor Indoor Ceiling Mount is a traditional 3-wire, 360° motion sensor with PE sensing capabilities, and acts as a PIXIE Master device with full device control, grouping and scene capability as well as 24 hour 7 days scheduling of any of the 3 modes, built in.

The sensor comes complete with a surface mounting block and springs for flush mount arrangements. LED indicator informs the user of the current operating mode for clarity and when paired with a PIXIE Multifunction Controller, users are automatically provided 3 press functions – Single =  Auto; Double = Override On; Triple = Disable.

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- Simple 3-wire installation - Neutral required.
- No minimum load requirement
- Max Loads: 2800W (Incandescent/Resistive load); 400VA (LED/Capacitive Load); 100VA (Fan Motor/Inductive Load)
- Detection Range: Max. 8 Metres @24°C
- Ideal Mounting height 2-2.4 Metres
- Hold Time: 10 seconds to 30 Minutes

* Future Firmware updates will introduce more advanced functions for greater system wide control from sensor triggers and notifications

  • PIXIE Smart DALI Broadcast Controller PC155DLB-R-BTAM

  • PIXIE Smart 0|1-10V Controller – PC152V-R-BTAM

  • PIXIE Signal Booster G3 – SGB3BTAS

  • PIXIE Gate & Door Control – PC206GD-R-BTAM