Dry Contact Input Device PC100T-R-BTAS

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Donwload SAL Pixie Smart LED Strip controllers

SAL PIXIE Translator Dry Contact Input Device PC100T-R-BTAS provides the ability for the PIXIE smart home to be integrated with any other smart home product, audio visual system, legacy lighting control system and security system which has a dry contact output capability.

The PIXIE Translator is part of the Pixie and Pixie Plus ecosystem of smart home products made for Australian homes, with Bluetooth mesh built-in and controllable from the free Pixie Apps.

The single Dry Contact input is configurable to activate a device, scene, toggle events from a received dry contact pulse, latch and unlatch event.

*NOTE: This is a Secondary device and does not appear in the list of devices in the PIXIE Apps. Instead head to the Advanced section which can be found by pressing the COG in the top right hand corner of the PIXIE App and look for “Translator Control Configuration”

  • 1 configurable dry contact input
  • Timed Pulse, Latch and/or Unlatch capabilities
  • Bluetooth Mesh Booster included in device

Setup features

  • Can be configured to fire a device, group or scene; toggle a device state
  • Bluetooth Mesh Booster included in device