PIXIE Contact Sensor Transceiver – PC100CS-R-BTAM

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PIXIE Contact Sensor Transceiver is a smart device that monitors open & closed status of gates/doors/windows, via a set of contact sensors (sold separately).

Push Notifications to users are delivered (PIXIE PLUS App only) when status change occurs.

Any status change can be used as a trigger for logic control within the system to deliver more advanced home automation functions.

e.g. if the door is open, then turn on a PIXIE smart switch (PIXIE PLUS App only).

  • Works with wired contact sensors for gates, doors or windows, to monitor open & close status from any manufacturer
  • PIXIE provides 3 options for sensors - metal type for garage doors; plastic type for metal doors; small recessed for wooden doors.
  • Connect with 1 set of contact sensor, monitor 1 gate/door/window status
  • In-built button for easy setup and control
  • One RGB LED indicator to reflect different working modes and gate/door/window status