PIXIE Certified Installer Starter DIGITAL KIT

Now that you're a PIXIE Certified Installer, get your digital marketing kit.


Your kit includes:

  1. Hi Resolution PIXIE Certified Installer LOGO
  2. PIXIE Consumer Brochure (mobile and desktop versions)
  3. PIXIE Troubleshooting Guide
  4. PIXIE Complete Product List

To have your company logo integrated with the PIXIE Certified installer logo send an email to the email address  info@pixiepartners.com.au with your company logo in the highest resolution you have ...

Our team will integrate the 2 logos together and respond to your email with a customised version.

 You can then use both the standard logo and your customised logo on your social media, website and email signatures to promote your business.

Download PIXIE Digital Kit


PIXIE PLUS is our consumer website.

Once you have your logo customised we will also list you on the "Where to Buy" page.

Click the image below to see how your logo and listing will look.